Could this abandoned school in the Hudson Valley be the next location for ghost hunters? What's the story behind this place and does it have a story to match it's menacing exterior?

It's definitely creepy looking but does that mean it's haunted? Did something sinister happen here? Well, if you were to look at any old building you'd most likely find some sort of grim history.

According to Untapped Cities, the once prestigious school for women was started in 1890 with original plans on becoming a luxury hotel but it never seemed to catch on. It was closed in 1901.

In 1907, school teacher started the Bennett School for Girls which offered four years of high school and an additional two years for continuing their education. The school could hold over 100 students in it's prime. The Bennett campus was also home to a chapel, stables, dormitory, and outdoor theater for the young women. It was closed down in the 1970's due to the growth of co-ed schools.

But is it haunted? I've been unable to find any creditable reports of haunting or spirits roaming the premise. However, some residents of Millbrook, NY like to believe there may be some activity especially around this time of the year.

Any building that was built in the 1800's is bound to have some history. Could some of the women in the dorm rooms tried to conjure spirits through the Necronomicon? Probably not but who doesn't like a good story?

Maybe there is a dark story about this school. Does anyone have one?



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