This is the time of the year when we expect to start seeing more American flags out in yards and in front of houses. Here's why we might start seeing fewer flags in New York.

There was a time when New York was arguably one of the most patriotic states in the country but things have changed dramatically. New York has grown into a symbol of how great it is to be a New Yorker. New York used to be a symbol of how great it is to be an American.

America's birthday is coming up and New York received low marks when it comes to patriotism. Wallethub recently ranked all 50 states on their patriotism. The methodology they used was based off of citizens and there military and civil engagement. They counted both active duty and veteran numbers. They also factored civilian patriotism by voter turnout in the 2020 election. People who fulfill their civic duty and participate in jury duty also played a parts. Mandatory civics classes in schools also factored in the list.

Some of the East Coast states ranked extremely low. New Jersey came in at 40, Connecticut was at 41, Pennsylvania ranked 42, Massachusetts was almost dead last at 49.

Just how patriotic is New York?

New York was 47 on the list.

Here is the full list of states ranked on their patriotism.

Source: WalletHub

Last November someone on TikTok said he felt uneasy when he saw American flags in front of homes in the Hudson Valley. The controversial video has been viewed over 200,000 times which has made this one of the most successful on the page. It has even recieved over 4,000 comments and 55,000 likes.

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Does this play a factor in how patriotic New Yorkers are? Are people hesitant to hang their flags up? Do you agree with the list? Is New York less patriotic than ever before.

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