Marlborough or Marlboro? Is it the same town, just different spelling? Did they once spell it one way and decided to change it? We have your answer.

You see this all over the country, towns that have the "ugh" at the end of their name. Perfect example: Marlborough, N.Y. located in Ulster County.

You will see it spelled "Marlborough," or you will see it spelled "Marlboro." Is using the "ugh" an old fashion version of the town name? Did they want the name to be shorter?

Well, in this case, both spellings are perfectly acceptable to use because "Marlboro" is a hamlet in the southeast part of the Town of Marlborough.

Wild, right? Who knew that Marlboro was a hamlet of Marlborough? I just assumed it was a personal preference thing.

Since we're on the subject, there are a few other hamlets in Marlborough. Other hamlets include: Milton, Lattintown, Central, and Bailey's Gap.

I honestly had no idea that Lattintown or Bailey's Gap were considered hamlets. I thought they were just roads I traveled on.


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