Should the prison population in our state be given the vaccine earlier than others? The CDC believes they should be getting it right now.

Is this a political issue or a moral issue?

Though it's been a chaotic process for many New Yorkers, the COVID vaccine is here and it's being distributed in a number of places locally throughout the Hudson Valley if you're eligible.

Even if you're eligible to receive the vaccine the supply of doses seem to be getting slimmer and slimmer. Who should have access to vaccine and when?

According to, New York is now in phase 1b of the state's vaccination roll out plan. The plan includes residents of New York over 65 years old, first responders and even corrections officers but not inmates currently serving time?

Guidance from the Center for Disease Control says otherwise and that prisoners should not be excluded in the last vaccination distribution plan. In fact, the CDC suggests that corrections staff and inmates should get the vaccine at the same time.

According to the New York Times, there are over 50,000 people currently incarcerated throughout the state's correctional facilities and recently over 5,000 staff members as well as inmates have tested positive for the virus. The New York Times also reported that almost have the country has included prisoners in their plan including Massachusetts.

Inmates are in close contact with each other and are constantly introduced to new people on a consistent basis Are prisoners at a significantly higher risk of catching COVID-19 than others? Should they have access to the vaccine before other groups even law abiding citizens?

Do you think New York state should follow the CDC's recommendation and vaccinate prisoners now before millions of other people? Or do we just only follow the CDC's guidelines when it's convenient?

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