Will it soon be illegal to smoke cigarettes in your car with passengers who are under the age of 14? I saw something on Facebook that said this law was going to be going to effect on January 30, 2018, so I clicked on it to see what the deal was.

Looking closely at the 'article' I noticed that it didn't say where this was going to be illegal, yet another version of #fakenews. Knowing that most versions of what is being called fake news has some little bit of truth to it, I knew I had to look into this more. After doing some checking with New York State, I can say that it is not New York where this is going to be going into law.

Several senators have tried, since 2009, to introduce this bill into the Senate to be voted into law. However, the bill has not made it any further than that stage. Should it actually make it past this voting stage and then get signed by the Governor, it would be in effect 120 days later.



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