We've all heard of pregnant women having strange cravings like pickles and peanut butter or as my one friend always wanted, chicken and ice cream together. But maybe it isn't just pregnancy that causes the odd cravings, maybe we all have them and don't realize it.

My wife and I ordered take out from Longhorn in Newburgh over the weekend and I guess I never realized how weird my wife was. Or I guess, not so weird.

We both ordered steaks with sides and as we're eating it, I noted that she was dipping it in sour cream. I thought this was extremely strange but then remembered that she also dips her french fries in mayonnaise.

At first, I thought, "What is going on?" But then remembered I had friends who ate weird combinations, including myself, I guess.

I eat peanut butter on waffles and dip grilled cheese in ketchup. My dad ate mayonnaise on scrambled eggs. My friend Tara ate jelly with ice cream.

I guess it's not really that weird after all.  I'm just not sure why I never noticed it before.

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