Hudson Valley Wing Wars comes to a new location, the Ramada in, Route 9 and 84 in Fishkill on Saturday, Jan. 20, 2018 from 5PM-9PM. Buy tickets? Click Here. 

General Admission Tickets includes sampling of up to 15 wings, with the option to purchase more samples at the event.

Restaurants…. If you are interested in participating in Wing Wars, contact us at for more information. The Restaurant that is crowned the King of Wings by our special judging panel will not only have tons of bragging rights but will also be awarded a $5,000 advertising credit to use on any Townsquare Media Hudson Valley Radio Station!

Here are some tips to help you conquer and enjoy all the poultry deliciousness you can handle.

1. Do not even consider wearing white. Rookie mistake. Wear dark colors just in case you drop something on yourself or better yet, the drunk person next to you spills “everything” on you.

2. Think twice about making this a 'first date' date. You will be getting messy, you might end up with food and schmutz all over your face. If you have been seeing each other for awhile and think that the other can handle seeing you in a less than perfect light, go for it. Otherwise, save this event to go with just the friends.

3. Make sure you have your own handi wipes. If you do not bring them to the event with you, scope them out as soon as you get there and put five into your pocket, just in case.

4. Come hungry. You will have 15 chicken wing samples included with your ticket purchase. Don’t waste them by eating a steak or a pizza before you head to Wing Wars.

5. If your stomach is even the slightest bit sensitive, you might want to go ahead and take a Nexium, Zantac before you head out to Hudson Valley Wing Wars or keep a supply of Tums/Rolaids in your pocket for after you conquer the night.

6. When you get to the Ramada Inn that night, get there early and scope out the scene: who has what type of wings? Have you not tried a Thai green chili sesame? Is there really a Peanut Butter and Jelly chicken wing? Find those first and save the hottest of the hot wings until later. This will allow you to actually taste and enjoy all the new flavor discoveries you are about to have.

7. Never ever--and this cannot be stressed enough--touch your eyes after you have been eating the wings. You are eating spicy wings and one touch to the eye, even accidentally will take you out of the “game” for the night. Remember, 15 wings are just the beginning of the night. There is a lot more for you to check out, and we haven’t even discussed the beers that you will want to try in between wing samples.

8. Always make sure to clean your hands off with a paper napkin as best as you can before reaching for the beloved wet naps/handi wipes. This will make opening the little packet easier and if you have them stashed in your pockets, you won’t get sauce or grease on your clothes.

9. Buy your tickets NOW. Capacity is limited. Get your ticket and know that you and your friends will have an awesome place to kick off your Saturday night, and then you can also decide among yourself which place had the best wings.



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