Chances are we all know someone who is a Leo. Leo is the zodiac sign for people born between July 23rd and August 22nd. Leo is represented by the Lion.

If you know a Leo you may be familiar with some of their traits. If not Astrology Zodiac Signs can spell it all out for you. I know a few Leos and we get along fairly well. That might be because Sagittarius like Leo is a Fire Sign. We are full of energy and can be very giving with our time and space.

So if you know a Leo and you are hoping to enjoy a few things in the Hudson Valley where should you turn first?

Playing to their Strengths: 

Friends making a toast while sitting in restaurant. Multi-ethnic group.

Leos are a creative group and can be quite humorous. If you are looking to do something with a Leo that plays to their strengths I would say take them to a comedy club. Laugh it Up Comedy Club in Poughkeepsie could be loads of fun for everyone. Located at 2170 South Road in the Holiday Inn this could be the perfect night out for you and your cheerful Leo companion.

Playing to their Weakness:

Monika Wisniewska
Monika Wisniewska

If you are recognizing the lazy in the Leo trait line-up why not pick something to do in the Hudson Valley that is relaxing and chill. Lazy is only a weakness if you count it as one. In some parts of the world, one man's lazy is another man's relaxed so I say spa day it is, chilling and relaxing. One of the many places you can relax in the Hudson Valley and enjoy a day of pampering at the Mohonk Mountain House Spa.

Playing to their Likes:

Renaissance 4
Sara Robinson

It is easy to be around a Leo because one of their traits is they like to have fun with friends. Fun with a friend in the Hudson Valley can be just about anywhere but one that comes to mind for this month is the New York Renaissance Faire which opens later this month on August 21st. This not only plays to Leo's love of fun with friends but it will check their love of the theatre box as well.

Playing to their dislikes:

It turns out the Renaissance Faire might work for this part of Leo's personality as well. According to Astrology Zodiac Signs Leos do not like to be ignored and prefer to be treated like a king or a queen so letting them go to Ren Faire dressed as their favorite monarch might turn out to be a fun day for everyone.

Tour New York Renaissance Faire

The New York Renaissance Faire is one of the Hudson Valley's most favorite Summer traditions. The excitement can not be captured in pictures but these photos will at least give you some idea of what to expect. Lords, Ladies and merriment of all kinds awaits for the person who attends this festival of fun and frolic as you can see in these photos taken by Hudson Valley photographer Chuck Merrihew.

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