Many of us enjoy taking photos on our trips to commemorate the places we have traveled. Pictures are wonderful but what about a poster from a place you enjoyed? I have noticed a trend which I think is kind of cool, The Travel Poster. I first noticed them on my trip to the Grand Canyon. Then I saw a series done for National Parks and now they are being done for places right here in the Hudson Valley.

In an online article I found from the Library of Congress dated March 21, 2014 a good travel poster should "grabs your attention and gets its message across quickly. Great travel posters attract the eye in a variety of ways: by highlighting points of interest, depicting the conveyance used to reach a location, or by featuring activities available at the destination."  I would have to agree, many of the posters I have seen have not only appealed to me for the artistic quality but they also make me want to travel to that spot. The latest one I have seen depicting New Paltz does just that if you ask my opinion.

According to the travel poster has been around since early in the 20th century. They explain how the poster served as both an ad to summon travelers and as a commemorative piece from someone's travels. It started as an ad and ended up as art.

Recently, in a post on Facebook I discovered that an artist named Catherine LaPointe Vollmer, who is a New York-based illustrator and graphic designer, had designed a travel poster for New Paltz. On the Facebook page Loinheart Graphics you can see the poster which captures many of the iconic New Paltz images. You can also discover that she has used that area of Ulster County in the past. There are travel posters for the Mohonk Preserve and the Gunks.

I didn't notice that any other towns in the Hudson Valley had been the subject of a travel poster by this artist, but it sounds like she works with people who make requests so maybe their will be more Hudson Valley offerings in the future.


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