Gov. Andrew Cuomo's office announced the recipients of a massive aid package designed to spur economic development statewide. Of the $755 million, the Hudson Valley is due to get $84.8 million after being designated a "Top Performer Awardee." The $84.8 million will be divided up across 113 different projects.

Some of the highlights include funds for the visitors center at the Walkway Over The Hudson State Park. Other money will go towards upgrades at Dutchess Stadium. Significant resources will also go to the development of Hutton Brickyard in Kingston. But that's just a few of the dozens of projects that now, no longer will have to wait for a green light.

The Regional Economic Development Council began doing work in 2011, and to date, $5.4 billion has gone into more than 6,000 different projects. As a result, some 220,000 jobs have been created during this time.

Feel free to watch the whole Regional Economic Development Council awards ceremony, if you like.

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