Our list keeps getting longer and longer!

When it comes to shopping nowadays our choices of stores to actually go to in person have really shrunk. Now depending on who you ask, the reasons why some stores no longer exist vary, but the one thing I do know is that I miss be able to go shopping at some of these stores that no longer exist.

I remember growing up in Windham, right around this time of year my mom would start to get us ready for back to school, she would make the back to school shopping list, and once it was done we would pack in the car and head to Jamesway in either Catskill or Saugerties for everything we needed. You remember Jamesway right?

That store had everything we ever needed, and I remember asking my mom why we would only shop there year after year, and her answer was always, "They have a great HUSKY clothes section." Yeah, I was a "husky" kid!!!

Do you remember any of the stores that you and your parents would shop at that no longer exist? We asked on the air and through the Wolf mobile app and got some great responses. Here is the list of stores we got so far, if you don't see the store that you would go to, call or text it in to us through the app now!!!

Robert Hall
Radio Shack
Playtogs in Middletown
Service Merchandise
Montgomery Ward
Lloyd’s in Newburgh
Big Bens
Big Scott's
Barbra Moss

Did we miss any?

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