I have to begin by giving 100% credit to my almost 8-year-old daughter for getting me to think twice with this one. After passing by a local hotel that I've probably driven by more than 100 times this year, she asked if we could stay there for a night and go swimming. My first instinct was to say why would we stay at a hotel when we live 10 minutes down the road, then, after thinking for a minute I was like that isn't a bad idea, get out of the house for a night, order in, swim, and just relax.

So, my question for you, Hudson Valley, is have you ever done a local hotel visit or out of the house but in the same town staycation?


Staying Local This Summer

I've spent most of my life in the Hudson Valley; grew up in Fishkill, attended college in New Paltz, and now live in Wappingers. I can probably count on one hand the number of times I've stayed in any local hotel, and most of them have to do with attending or being in a wedding and needing a place to crash.

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We didn't do a big summer vacation this year, as my daughter and I are planning a pretty pricy trip to Disney World in October for my birthday. Now that camp is done, she's definitely been asking about getting away and doing something in these weeks between camp and back to school.

Given the fact that she's not even eight years old, we don't need anything extravagant or expensive, and what kid doesn't love spending the night in a hotel, going for a late night or early morning swim, and being able to eat food (that I didn't cook) in bed (because that certainly isn't happening at home)....or even ordering room service (I've never done it before!).


Then of course there's acting like a tourist in your own area, visiting places that have always been on your 'gotta get there' list, or eating at new restaurants and shopping at locally owned businesses.

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Hudson Valley Staycation Suggestions

If you've ever done a local staycation, what suggestions do you have for places to stay overnight? I'd defiantly look into an airbnb if it had a pool and wasn't going to cost me a million dollars for a weekend. Any Hudson Valley attractions or specific areas that you would recommend visiting where you can feel like an out-of-towner even though your own home is just around the corner?

Open to any and all suggestions, let's get a list going!

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