A well-known radio morning show host believes he’s been played a fool by his company’s vending machine.

Recently, Boris, a co-host on 101.5 WPDH’s Boris and Robyn Show, posted a note to his company’s vending machine.

“Machine took money, but no food. Owed $.85 – Boris,” the note read.

On Monday, Boris found a response from a representative of the vending machine company and the 101.5 co-host wasn’t thrilled with the solution.

“Hey vending machine guy, thanks for acknowledging my note,” Boris posted on his personal Instagram. “But leaving me a complementary bag of your least desired chips doesn't really make up for it.”

While Boris claims the Fritos Classic Ranch chips are the “least desired chips,” he also says the chips are "$.15 cents less than the trail mix" he allegedly hoped to purchase.

This controversy doesn’t end there. Soon Boris says he discovered the replacement chips were expired! The horror!

“That disappointment turned to angry and insult after I did not receive a refund, but instead received an expired bag of Fritos Classic Ranch chips,” Boris exclusively told Hudson Valley Post.

The morning show radio co-host even showed us the replacement chips. If you look closely near the bottom-right side of the chips, you can see the date reads "Oct. 4"

B. Welber

Boris ended his social media rant with #riggedsystem.

What do you think? Have you ever been screwed over by a vending machine? What do you think is the fair solution? Is Boris a gigantic baby? Or is our vending machine a Skynet experiment set to detonate

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