The New York Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC) wants you to go plastic free for a month. The program is called Plastic Free July, could you stop using plastic for the whole month of July? If you started tomorrow how many things would you have to stop using?

The NYS DEC share a link on their Facebook page today that is encouraging all of us to attempt ot go plastic free for the whole month of July. Plastic Free July has a website where we can all take the pledge to do better even if we can go completely plastic free.

I have only recently started take a close look at how much plastic I thro in the trash. I never realized how many items come in plastic until I start collecting it to return to the grocery store where I bought the item.

The single use plastic bag ban was my wake up call. That's when I actually thought about how many of those plastic grocery bags I must have thrown out. Now I collect all my grocery plastic that isn't able to be recycled and I return it to the store.

Household Plastic We Can Give Up

More and more we are trying to move away from plastic in our lives. It is so important for the environment that we reduce the amount of plastic we use in the Hudson Valley. These house hold items could easily be replaced with an item that is more eco-friendly.

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