If you watched Wednesday Night's episode of MasterChef on Fox, you may have seen a familiar face.

But if you blinked you might have missed it.

Hudson Valley resident, Daniela Savone, was selected as a finalist for the reality show that takes accomplished home cooks and attempts to turn them into the next Master Chef. Before her television appearance on Wednesday, Savone did several media appearances including an interview on Fox 5 News and a guest spot on the Hudson Valley's most prestigious cooking challenge:

When Savone was chosen for MasterChef she quit her teaching job and headed out to Los Angeles. She says the production company put her up in a fancy hotel, paid for her traveling expenses and spent hours filming her back story, cooking challenges and interviews. But when it came time for the final edit, Savone was left on the cutting room floor. Besides two blink-and-you'll-miss-them shots, the chef was essentially cut from the show.

What you didn't see was that  judge Joe Bastianich actually loved Savone's rustic Italian cooking and even compared it to his mother's cooking. The home cook says she spent most of her time during the challenge talking to the judge in Italian after she quickly cooked her dish in just 20 minutes. Contestants have a full 30 minutes to complete their food.

Unfortunate editing isn't something that Savone should take personally. Other Hudson Valley reality contestants have met a similar fate. Dutchess County resident, Charles Smith, trained for years to make it on American Ninja Warrior. After organizing a viewing party for friends and supporters at a local gym, the final edit didn't even show Smith's attempt on the obstacle course.

Although Savone didn't get her 15 minutes of fame, the good-natured chef assures us that we haven't heard the last of her yet. While reality TV may not be her thing, Savone is now more motivated than ever to become a culinary success story. We look forward to seeing what the future brings for this upcoming celebrity chef.

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