The kids have been home since March and you need to find them something to do this summer. Fortunately summer camps will be opening in the next few weeks and luckily some of our Hudson Valley equestrian facilities are able to start riding camp as soon as the end of June.

If one or all of your kids love horses summer camp is a great way to introduce them to horses and riding. Most barns offer different levels of riding at each camp and work with your child's skill set. If you are hoping to get your child in a program don't wait to long to sign up because space at these type of camps goes fast.

Letting your child who is a horse fan go to camp is a great way to see if they are really going to want to keep riding. Most programs teach the basics of horsemanship along with the riding lesson. Kids get the opportunity to learn what goes in to caring for a horse and the commitment you would need if you ever wanted to own a horse of your own.

Below I have listed a few place that I know of in the Hudson Valley who offer camp sessions throughout the summer. If none of these are close to where you live you can find a complete list by here.

Horseback Riding Camps

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