The Hudson Valley is home to more than one serial killer. Surprised?

Possibly the most famous one is Kendall Francois. He was convicted of killing eight women in the years of 1996-1998. He apparently dismembered his victims and hid their body parts inside the walls of the Fulton Ave, Poughkeepsie home that he shared with his mother, father and sister. How did he manage to convince his family that the smell coming from the attic was a dead raccoon that he 'couldn't find?' According to news reports at the time, the interior of the house was filled with maggots and in such a state of uncleanliness, the smell of the rotting bodies, simply melded into the unclean smell of the rest of the house.

The other serial killer from the Hudson Valley is Nathaniel White, he killed his six victims during 1991 and 1992. White would stab and beat his victims to death and would go on to leave four of the six victims on the side of the road where their bodies were easily found. Whites killings took place in the Middletown and surrounding areas.

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