You may not be able to smell Fall in the air just yet but you should be able to smell one of the Hudson Valley's favorite Fall traditions. Driving through orchard country in Ulster County this week the smell of apples was in the air.

The weather lately has made it great to drive the around with the windows down. Driving past some local orchards this week I could smell the apples. Sure most of that smell comes from the apples that have dropped of the trees but it also occurred to me that it could be the smell of Apple Cider Donuts.

That's right it is officially Apple Cider Donut season in the Hudson Valley. Those delicious sugar covered rings of baked goodness packed with the taste of fresh Hudson Valley apples. Dressel Farm in New Paltz / Gardiner posted today on Facebook that they are ready for all of us to stop in for apple cider and apple cider donuts.

Donuts are the only thing now available at local farm markets. Apple Cider made with local delicious apple is also on the shelves. Apple cider can be paired with an apple cider donuts. It can also be added to your favorite recipe. It makes an amazing pork chop marinade. I also highly recommend trying it in an Indian Summer Margarita, which is basically your regular margarita minus the margarita mix. You put apple cider in it instead.

If you don't live in Ulster County there is a good chance your local farm market has their donuts and cider available too. I am also excited about this news because it means pumpkins can be far off.

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