If you want to have the most epic fall, follow the Hudson Valley Fall Bucket List.

Usually, when you think boating or cruise, you think hot summer weather. But did you ever think about taking a cruise down the Hudson River in the fall? If you haven't, I'm here to change your mind. Fall foliage cruises on the Hudson are pretty big around here. After all, the views are spectacular in the fall.

I can't pick out multiple favorites for this Hudson Valley Fall Bucket List because I've only gone on one ship. So instead, I'll list every boat that offers cruises on the Hudson to see the fall foliage.

Hudson River Cruises On The Rip Van Winkle
Sailing out of Kingston and headed south towards Hyde Park, the Rip Van Winkle ship offers cruises on most days at 2:30 p.m. and some days have 11:30 a.m. cruises. They also have two music sunset cruises per month in September in October.

Pride of the Hudson
This ship sails out of Newburgh with a variety of cruise times. Depending on the day, you can catch a cruise at 12 p.m., 1 .m., 2:30 p.m., 4 p.m., and more. They even have special theme night cruises like a murder mystery.

The River Rose
This ship also is out of Newburgh and I'd argue is the most iconic. That bright red ship is hard to miss. Cruise times are usually 11 a.m., 1 p.m., 2 p.m., or 7 p.m. The River Rose even has brunch cruises.

Hudson Cruises
Hudson Cruises sails out of, well, Hudson! Most cruises are at 1 p.m., but I saw a few 7 p.m. cruise times. They have fun theme cruises too, like a murder mystery.

American Cruise Lines
So this is actually a legitimate cruise that lasts over a week. It sails out of New York City and goes up and down the entire Hudson River. You stay overnight on the ship but make stops in Troy, Kingston, Hyde Park, Catskill, West Point, and Sleepy Hollow.

USA River Cruises
This is also a full-blown cruise up and down the Hudson River, that's roundtrip from New York City. Making stops in Albany, Kingston, West Point, and Sleepy Hollow, this cruise has two September dates and three October dates to pick from.

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