Ugh, it's that time again, at least for me. Once you do it, it sucks you in to doing it every three years. What am I lamenting about? Well all of this unnecessary drama is over the New York State Defensive Driver Course.

You sit through it, and then you get to pay less for your car insurance. Well, at least that is my personal motivation to complete the class. This time around, I do not have the option of doing it in person.

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How and where can you find a place that is giving the New York State Car Insurance Reduction Course?

Pretty much I look online to see who is offering the class, there is always some place, whether it is the local college or a local insurance company who is happy to have you sit through one or two days of time listening to them talk and or watching a video.

Is the insurance reduction course, really only 6-hours or is it more?

As a person who has a tough time sitting still, I struggled through a Saturday or a Sunday session. You show up at whatever time you are told to be there, with your packed lunch and about 6 hours later you have a piece of paper to show your insurance company and they then take 10% off your rates for 3 years. To be accurate, it is 10% off a small portion of one of the fees that they charge you. If you have points on your license, it will take 4-points off of your driving record.

Is there a benefit to doing the class in-person or online?

I have also done the class a few times online. For me that was challenging, mostly because of the sitting still while watching the modules. You have to press a key every so often to prove that you are actually paying attention. It also takes longer. Both times I have done it online, I think it takes me 8 1/2 to 9 hours. It could be that I dozed off a few times, but I will not confirm that.

When it becomes an option to take the class again in person, I will do that. The instructor or proctor always seems to make sure you are done in just about 6 hours, which is the regulatory requirement. Of course, the in-person class does not allow you to consume an adult beverage or two while sitting through the instruction like you can get away with at home.

Do you really get a discount on the cost of your car insurance in New York State for taking the class?

Have you taken the NYS Defensive Driving Class for the insurance cost reduction? Do you do it every three years like I do (cuz I am cheap) or do you skip doing it because you just don't have the time? Would you sit through it in a classroom or take it online?

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