The Hudson Valley is not only a special place to visit but most importantly, to reside in. It seems that each town has such a strong sense of community that is unbreakable.

We have witnessed our friends, family, and neighbors come together over the past two years. Whether we helped the local businesses stay afloat, offer kindness to a stranger that we saw, or even helped each other out during uncertainty, we showed compassion for one another.

At times, living in the Hudson Valley feels as if it took place in a Hallmark movie.

Not everywhere in the world has a beautiful setting with that hometown feel, unless it's a Hallmark Channel Movie that has been filmed within the Hudson Valley. They knew exactly where to go to bring out that inner sense of togetherness for the TV screen.

There are also people within the community that bring us together.

Not only do these members of our area lift us up, but they make us feel welcomed.

As a resident of the Hudson Valley, I can proudly say that one person truly had an influence on my life and in hundreds of lives within Orange County, New York.

Dr. Timothy E. Hale was the founding partner of Masci & Hale in Orange County, NY.

Masci & Hale
Masci & Hale

Timothy Hale, not only made big, beautiful smiles happen in the Hudson Valley, but had fun doing so along the way. It seemed as if the staff were also happy to be in the same building as his kindness was contagious.

Dr. Hale not only created beautiful smiles, but he also reflected that in the Hudson Valley.

Masci & Hale
Masci & Hale

However, it seems as if the world stopped for a second when the news was released of Dr. Hale being diagnosed with cancer. With great hope and positivity, he had an extensive amount of support and love coming from all places and people whose lives he touched.

Dr. Hale fought a courageous battle beating thyroid cancer and later passed away from further complications. As Masci & Hale will never be the same, they have kept Dr. Hale's legacy alive by continuing to do what they do, carrying on his passion for creating smiles.

Dr. Hale lives on in the Hudson Valley community.

Masci & Hale
Masci & Hale

Dr. Timothy E. Hale's family has partnered with a local organization. The Community Foundation of Orange & Sullivan will establish a scholarship in his name.

Anyone that knew Dr. Hale would know that he would have loved this. By doing so, it's a perfect opportunity to honor someone who was always looking out for others and the community, with a smile!

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As the famous line goes, "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

The entire community felt love and kindness from Dr. Hale and this is our way of passing on his contagious positive energy. 

Masci & Hale Advanced Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry

2134 NY-208, Montgomery, NY 12549

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