This local bakery is at it again and they've added one of the Hudson Valley's favorite alcoholic beverages to their latest creation.

If there was a career in eating doughnuts I think it would be my calling. I think I have yet to find a doughnut that I don't enjoy. A year or two ago people have noticed how the Hudson Valley region was short on delicious custom and homemade doughnuts.

The Hudson Valley has gone from being a doughnut desert to being flooded and that's a good thing.

Many new bakeries specializing in doughnuts have opened up like Cosmic Donuts in Kinderhook. People are making the drive to see their bizarre and unique doughnuts.

Alcohol and doughnuts aren't something that typically go together but why the heck not? One bakery in the Hudson Valley has been changing the doughnut game for some time now and their latest creation is definitely turning heads. Cosmic Donuts created a booze theme doughnut for Father's Day.

It's topped with housemade buttercream filling using apples and infused with angry orchard hard cider.

Angry Orchard Hard Cider is a local favorite since the 60-acre farm is in Walden.

Don't worry. The boozy doughnut isn't gone forever. They stated it will return in early July.

Cosmic Donuts is always coming up with something new for any occasion. They've made doughnuts to celebrate breast augmentations, a vasectomy and even savory doughnuts filled with buffalo dip for the Super Bowl.

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