Whether you would head into New York City for business or pleasure in years past, when taking the train and walking through Grand Central Terminal you couldn't help but pause just long enough to take in the sites what might have been a annual tradition for you of visiting the Grand Central Holiday market. 

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The first Christmas Holiday season that adorned the halls of Grand Central (1869 is when construction began on one of the first versions of GCT) was 151-years-ago. Did they have the famous Christmas Market each year? While the answer to that was not easily found while completing research, it is fairly easy to find out the there will not be the in-person shopping event that it has been in years passed.

For 2020, things are changing (Yes, because of COVID). This year the Grand Central Holiday Market will be virtual, aka online. The good news? You will still be able to shop for your friends and loved ones from the selections made by artisan crafts person, that is great! Also great? You won't have to manage all of your bags on the train ride home because your items will be shipped to your or to your recipient, which is quite possibly the bigger bonus.

So, when you can, just sit back and imagine yourself taking the train to Grand Central all while simply shopping from your couch, with the benefit of the 60 plus 'booth's' that you will be able to visit 24-hours-a-day, now until December 24, 2020.

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