It's snowing, it's been snowing, and it's going to keep snowing. Accumulation totals are, in most areas, higher than originally projected.

Schools are closed today, some may still be tomorrow and you've run out of ideas of things to do with the kids five hours ago. I am with you. Here's an idea that may help you stop thinking about all of the white stuff outside your window and focus on green, specifically the green of St, Patrick's Day.

I'm going to show how, with simple items you probably already have at home,  you can make St. Patrick's Day stamps to decorate cards, banners, or just help keep the kids occupied for a little while this afternoon.

You'll need a potato, a sharp knife, adult supervision with said knife, some paints, papers, and pens. Let's get started.

As I mentioned in the video, this isn't supposed to be a perfect representation of a shamrock. Have some fun, be creative and I'd love to see what you and your kids come up with!

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