If you have had the opportunity to be out after dark in the Hudson Valley this summer chances are you have heard an owl or two. Some folks think that hearing is owl is a bad omen but that is just an old wives tale. Hearing an owl in the yard means that you have a few of the things that attract them.

There are many kinds of owls and they each make different calls. Depending on the type of owl you have near your house you may hear the traditional hoot or you may actually hear something a little more musical like the call of the Barred Owl. I have actually put together an article that has videos of six different owl calls that you might have heard near your house. It is a good idea to know the type of owl you are hearing.

What to do to Attract Owls to Your Yard?


So what if you don't have any owls in your yard but you want to attract some to your house? Easy, there are a few things you can do that will help. I actually hear owls in my neighborhood but they never seem to be in my yard. They always seem to be at my neighbor and now that I have read more about attracting owls to your yard I can clearly see why they pick his yard over mine.

Bird Watching HQ has published 7 strategies for attracting owls to your yard and as you read through the list you can see how it makes sense. Some of the tasks will be easier to do than others. Bird Watching HQ readily admits attracting owls can be hard. Strategies they suggest include things like food, water and not mowing the lawn. They even suggest building owl boxes for them to roost in.

Owls like to live where they can catch mice and small rodents, They like the top of tall trees. They don't like night lights or pets. After reading about all the ways to attract owls I now realize that my yard is definitely not an owl playground. My lawn is mowed, my trees are short and I only have one tiny birdhouse. I think the owls will be living with my neighbors for a while.

Bird Watching HQ 7 Strategies to Attract Owls

1- Provide them with food.

2 - Owls need a drinking source like a bird bath

3 - Build owl nesting boxes

4 - Have big trees in your yard

5 - Keep Lights off and pets inside

6 - Learn to identify owls by their calls

7 - Patience and Persistence

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