Compared to other states, do you think New York is more strict or lenient in regards to DUI?  

Drunk driving takes a terrible toll on the United States each year, not only in dollars, but more importantly in lives lost.

Drunk driving claims roughly 10,000 lives per year. It costs Americans more than $44 billion annually. Drunk Driving also results in roughly 1 million arrests each year.

However, drunk driving fatalities dropped by 57% from 1982 to 2014, as states have cracked down on the practice.

As a result, motor vehicle accidents are no longer among America's top 10 causes of death.

The analysts at Wallethub, compared the penalties in each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia across 15 key metrics, ranging from fines and minimum jail time to “ignition interlock device” requirements.

Where does New York rank?


As you see above, New York ranked 29th compared to all other states.

DUI Penalty in New York:

  • 12th - Minimum Jail Time (1st offense)
  • 16th - Minimum Jail Time (2nd offense)
  • 6th - How Long Old DUI Factors into Penalties
  • 20th - Administrative License Suspension
  • 5th - Minimum Fine (1st offense)
  • 7th - Minimum Fine (2nd offense)

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