Looking for a spooky road trip? This might be the one for you, just don't trust any hitchhikers.

If you're from the Hudson Valley, then you're most likely familiar with U.S. Route 44. A little background information, 44 starts at US 209-NY 55 in Kerhonkson, runs through Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Taking 44 from the Hudson Valley all the way to where it ends in Rehoboth, Massachusetts will not only be a beautiful ride this time of year, but it might just scare the living day lights out of you too.

According to Antique Archaeology, for the past 30 years a redheaded hitchhiker has been tormenting those driving through route 44 in Rehoboth. Legend has it that the hitchhiker died in a terrible car accident in the area and now waits for a ride from a friendly human.

Locals will tell you not to travel on Route 44 in Rehoboth alone. One minute you'll be alone, the next minute you're looking at a six foot, bearded man in your rear view mirror, the radio will scan randomly and end on a man hysterically laughing.

I don't think I'll be taking 44 that far any time soon. Will you?

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