After a few unsettled days, the Hudson Valley is expecting a nice weekend. Highs will be in the 80s both Saturday and Sunday, with fairly low humidity for this time of year. Saturday night will even see lows dropping into the mid 50s in some areas, as the chance for rain should stay away. But the stretch of 90+ degree weather that stifled the area last week is expected to return.

Will the Hudson Valley reach over 100 F next week? Forecasters say it is a possibility.

How Hot?

The Weather Channel says that temperatures should reach the 90s once again by Tuesday. Expect highs to approach the upper 90s as we get to Thursday and Friday, with some forecasts calling for temperatures to exceed 100 degrees. According to Extreme Weather Watch, the last time it was 100 or above in the area was July 22, 2011, when it reached 102 F in Poughkeepsie.

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TWC says that a chance for thunderstorms Friday will drop highs to the low 90s by next weekend, though it could remain 90 or above through the middle of the week after. of course, it is still a ways out and temperatures and forecast can vary.


According to Cool Weather, summers in New York state average around 66.5 F (with both high and lows averaged in). That places us at 39th hottest in the country.

However, the Southern and Western parts of the U.S. aren't the only parts of the nation that can get scorching hot during summertime. Extreme Weather Watch says it reached 104 F in Poughkeepsie on August 1, 1933. And that was way before air conditioners had been installed, so you can imagine how brutal that must have been.

What is New York's Number 1 Weather Killer? 

It's a bit of morbid thought, but have you ever wondered what is the top cause of weather-related fatalities here in New York state? It actually varies from some parts of the state to the next, but the information compiled in a recent study may surprise you. New York isn't just known for just blizzards. But what sort of weather could actually kill you living in New York state?

Rick Olson
Rick Olson

How is the Weather Killing People in NY? 

According to NOAA, the leading cause of weather-related deaths in the entire United States each year is extreme heat, followed by flash floods, and then tornadoes. So, how does this look for New York state? According to the map, in parts of the Hudson Valley, New York City, and Long Island, the leading cause of death is also extreme heat. This makes sense if you think about it, for a lot of structures in the region are very old, and not all buildings or homes have any sort of air-conditioning.

For most of New York state, the leading cause of death-by-weather is actually flash floods. Unfortunately, we've seen this scenario in states like Kentucky this week, as catastrophic floods hit the region.

Other Weather Hazards 

For the most northern and western parts of New York, it is the wind. Considering the extreme cold these parts of the state endure during the winter, the wind chill could easily lead to death for those who are exposed. Some other parts of the country may not necessarily see a lot of weather-related deaths, so other phenomena like rip current, rough surf, or lightning are the top causes.


The data was collected over a 20-year period (1999-2018) from NOAA's Storm Events Database. Ian Livingston, a meteorologist and co-founder of, compiled this map of the country's worst weather.

See map HERE.

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