A popular pizza shop in Dutchess County is saying goodbye and congratulations to 2 community staples.

Drita and Johnny of Little Jozefs Pizza in Hopewell Junction, New York announced their retirement on August 5th, 2022. Little Jozefs Pizza was given the title of Best Pizza in Dutchess County which is proudly displayed outside of their Route 82 location in Hopewell Junction.

In a statement shared to Facebook, Drita and Johnny of Little Jozefs Pizza wrote:

After 32 years of happily serving our community from Yonkers to Hopewell Junction, we would like to announce that we are retiring. For all these years of support, we want to thank you: our customers and friends. This time is bittersweet for us. We are so glad to be finally retiring to spend time with our beautiful grandchildren and travel, but we are also sad because we will miss the relationships our pizzeria has founded. Thank you for being a part of our lives and we wish you all nothing but the best.
-Drita and Johnny
We reached out to Little Jozefs Pizza and received a message from their son Benny. Who said to us:
If anything defines the word family owned and operated, our pizzeria was it. Not only did my brother and I work there, but my cousins also worked there for a few years as well while we were all growing up.
Benny added that Little Jozefs Pizza was purchased by a Hopewell resident who has been in the restaurant business for years while also adding they are going to "renovate the place and open up another pizzeria/restaurant (not entirely sure)." With that being said Benny and his family are confident that they left the shop in good hands and are "confident that the customers are going to be happy with the new owners."
Congratulations again to Drita and Johnny! We're looking forward to what new pizza adventures await in Hopewell Junction.

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