I came across the Reher Center for Immigrant Culture and History when I was visiting Kingston’s Rondout neighborhood I decided to take a stroll around the streets after lunch. When I saw the Reher Center, I got excited because I always heard of it but never knew what it was.

Upon arriving, I looked into the window and saw a life size cut out a woman dressed in clothes from the 19th century. I was startled and could not tell at first if this was a real woman or simply just a cutout. I then realized the history behind this establishment.

With family and friends in Kingston, I have become even more interested in the background of our family tree and roots.

I used to hear stories about the bakery growing up and how the family carried on traditions for years. During the early 1900’s, two generations of the Reher family decided to run the bakery together.

This significance behind the Reher Center presents itself clearly as the found of Reher’s Bakery was a Jewish immigrant, Frank Reher. Himself, his wife Ada and their six children helped run the business in the shop and delivering goodies in Kingston.

The Reher family were known for their bakery and unfortunately closed their doors in the 1980s. Geoffrey Miller had the right idea to turn this into a museum. In a short amount of time, a committee was formed and were ready to preserve the space, building and memories that were within. They wanted to honor the legacy and history behind the ever so famous, Reher family. They decided to start the program to help the community know more the immigrant history in Kingston.

I love the idea behind taking over a historic bakery to then bring light and fourth to sharing stories from the past,. Residents can now gain knowledge about immigration, host events to bring the community together and share stories.

To find out more about tours, programs and how you can visit, be sure to visit here.

Have you ever heard of Reher’s Bakery or Reher’s Center? Share your stories below.

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