Sure they look refreshing, but you may want to think twice before chomping down on this winter staple.

The Hudson Valley was hit with a little bit of snow overnight and it looks like we will be enjoying chillier temperatures as the new year rolls on. Now, when I was a kid I ate snow. I think we all did and we probably heard this saying:

" Watch out where the huskies go, you gotta lookout for the yellow snow."

Maybe it was just me and my parents making sure I didn't down dog pee, but I still remember it to this day.

This brings us to 2021. A video on TikTok recently went viral of someone snapping off a piece of icicle from their roof and crunching away. Soon after, a meteorologist pops on the screen with a warning.

Meteorologist Katie Nickolaou out of Sioux City, IA, shared in the clip that because icicles form from runoff water from the roof that they most likely contain whatever debris is on your roof. Including...bird poop.

So if you're heading outside this winter and see those beautiful icicles hanging from your roof you might want to think twice. Sure they look refreshing, but do you really want to be eating bird poop?

Not like we need any more clarification after that, but our favorite Hudson Valley Meteorologist Ryan Finn of Spectrum News shared the video on Twitter with the caption "Truth."

Check out Katie Nickolaou's full explanation:

Like the saying goes "Watch out where the birds go poop, don't eat an icicle off your roof." (I made this up on the spot, it needs a little work, but let's roll with it for now).

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