I drive a lot.  I have driven many of thousands of miles from PA to MO to CA and back many times and it always amazes me when people don't get over for a stopped police car.

Some states have laws that require you to move over and some don't but it's considered unsafe to not.

A NYS Trooper was injured the other day when stopped to investigate an accident on Route 370.

The Trooper was stopped on the right shoulder and a passing car failed to get into the left lane and struck the trooper's car.   The driver of the car was not injured and thankfully the trooper only had minor injuries.

The full information and pictures are available on the NY State Police Facebook Page HERE

I've actually seen vehicles stopped along the road and in fact, I've actually had to pull over a few times and I can't even tell you how many times I've been worried.

See a car along the road, move over.  It's really not that hard.

Think and save a life.


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