This is everyone's nightmare, right?

I wake up one rainy Friday morning to the worst thing possible: signs of a mouse in my kitchen. I'm going to be real with you too. I saw mouse poop. IN MY KITCHEN. I wanted to throw up, cry, and drown my home in bleach all at the same time.

Before you get up my butt about cleanliness, I'm a clean person. I deep clean my apartment every single week. BUT this week, time just got the best of me and I didn't get around to it. The day I had planned to, my water was surprisingly cut off. The water department didn't warn me, and my whole plan was gone with the wind. Don't judge me. I'm judging me enough. But I can tell you that this is not because I don't clean. I think it's just because mice get in no matter what. We've all had a mouse in our house before.

Anyways, I'm of course in panic mode. I have plans to go to the hardware store and get all kinds of traps. Which I will then ask (force) my boyfriend to take care of for me because I am a wimp. I'm a little mad because this cat that keeps trying to get in my apartment has been slacking. His owner told me it brings her living baby chipmunks all the time, so I guess he's been busy.

If you have any mouse trapping suggestions please comment below or on our Facebook with them. I know peanut butter is better than cheese, so definitely going that route. When I catch this mouse, I will be sure to report back with my tips. Wish me luck.

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