I saw one and was a little freaked out. LOL!

If you spend anytime driving or walking around here in the Hudson Valley you know that we are so lucky to live in a place that has so many beautiful things around us. I mean we have the rail trail, so many great hiking places and of course the Walkway Over the Hudson but how about some of the wildlife we have.

They have been a bunch of stories from people across the Valley that have seen some really cool animals from coyotes to bears to now, white deer. Yeah, a white deer. I never even knew these were even a thing.

Over the weekend I was driving back to my apartment in Poughquag with my kids and we came across something pretty rare from what I hear. We were driving on Depot Hill RD when my daughter Julianna said, "Dad what the heck is that?" and at first I thought it was a goat or something but as we got closer is was a full fledged white deer. I tried to grab a picture, but cause I was driving I couldn't get my phone up quick enough to snap a pic. UGH!

Did we really see a white deer? Are white deer in the Hudson Valley? Have you ever seen one or my kids and I seeing things? PLEASE let me know.

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