Here is the situation, you have family coming in to town and you are trying to think of different things to do with them or take them to see.

How about you start with some great wineries? Here are two of many great Hudson Valley wineries to visit.

While in Millbrook, possibly between winery visits, if your friends and family are outdoor enthusiats, you might want to stop at:

  • Orvis Sandanona, 3047 Sharon Turnpike, Millbrook, NY 12545

Looking for a few places to grab a quick bite to eat or to 'refuel' your bodies, these are two great little spots to get something to eat (there are many great places to try, these are just two that I go to regularly).

Looking for something to do with the 'foodies' or 'food enthusiats?' I make it to each one of these two places many times a year. They both have great views and you can learn something while sampling really tasty Hudson Valley made treats. (Think local people!).

  • Crown Maple Syrup/ Madava Farms, 3047 Sharon Turnpike, Millbrook, NY 12545
  • Sprout Creek Farm,  34 Lauer Road, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

Ok so the above was Saturday and now you need something to do on the Sunday? Why not start in Pawling for Sunday brunch? Then make your way in the afternoon to taste some great tea's and walk around Millerton.

Sure for some, this might seem like a lot to do over the course of one weekend, maybe just do one or two things. Do you have a favorite place to take your friends when they are visiting?

***Note, there might be a groupon for the Orvis or Millbrook Winery, make sure to check before you start out.***


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