If you ever converted a holiday ginger bread house into a haunted ginger bread house you may have actually been the person who gave the makers of this sweet treat the idea. Move over Christmas, Halloween is getting in on the cookie house designs. There are three now available at Target for just $10 according to Delish.com

The Haunted Mansion, The Moonlit Cottage and the Spooky Graveyard are all available for $9.99 at your favorite Target store or you can just order them online. They are part of Targets Hyde and EEK! Boutique. Now there is no reason to not do a little baking for Halloween. The kids are going to love building one of these for Halloween and it will make great practice for the real gingerbread at Christmas.

Hudson Valley Targets will be happy to round out the rest of your Halloween shopping as well. Costumes, candy and decor will be lining the shelves. Get a head start before the good stuff is all scarfed up. With the hustle f the kids getting back to school Halloween will be here in no time. Grab those last minute back to school items and a few Halloween goodies all in one trip.

I wouldn't look for these Halloween style cookie houses to last long. They look to fun to make and at $9.99 each I assume people will make more than one. And if delish is recommending them they might actually taste good too! Happy baking!

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