Are you one of the few people that eat Grape-Nuts, the cereal made by Post?  Have you noticed that it has been on of the products that has remained not available since the post toilet paper panic of 2020. 

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One of the highest sought after products during the uncertainty of 2020 was shelf stable food items like cold cereals. People could purchase a few boxes and because it lasts awhile as long as you either reclose the package correctly or the box is unopened, it was an easy grab for customers. Eat it now or eat it later, you had a very good chance of not losing the money you had spent on it, because it is shelf stable.

So, when you went back to the store to stock up, there was one cereal that everyone was missing. Grape-nuts (or is it Grape Nuts?). There was so much uncertainty as to whether the parent company POST Holdings had maybe taken advantage of the low available inventory to quietly discontinue the product? No such thing.

There was a group on Reddit even dedicated to trying to finding Grape-Nuts boxes on store shelves. There are even eBay listings of full and empty boxes, selling for wayyyy too much by the way.

When USAToday reached out to the parent company, this is what they were told in a statement about the availability and was the product being discontinued:

"absolutely no plans to discontinue Grape-Nuts cereal."

"People may continue to see shortages and temporary out-of-stocks on Grape-Nuts as we continue to work through supply constraints and higher cereal demand amid the pandemic," Kristin DeRock, Grape-Nuts brand manager, said in a statement to USA TODAY.

On the website (yes there is such a thing) here is what the message was to consumers:

Please know that our team members are working hard every day to safely produce and ship products to our consumers during this unique time. We expect our Grape Nuts to be available again at your favorite retailer in the next couple months. Thank you for your understanding and patience during this time.

Do you enjoy Grape-nuts? The original or the Flake style? Have you been able to find them on store shelves in the Hudson Valley? The two people who I know, who actually eat this cereal have confirmed that it has been two or three months since either one has been able to get their hands on a box.

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