You may ask yourself… “Why would an iconic rock star like David Byrne play in a sleepy little town like Pine Plains?”  And you may ask yourself... "Is this something I can go to?" Actually, it’s for an extremely good reason, and it is a “once in a lifetime” opportunity for fans of Davis Byrne and Talking Heads. It’s a Ukraine Emergency Fundraiser, and, yes, David Byrne is one of the performers.

The concert is this Sunday, June 5, at the Stissing Center, 2950 Church Street in Pine Plains from 1PM - 4PM, and, according to, 100% of the funds raised will go to Sunflower of Peace, which is a Boston based group that has been working in and helping Ukraine for almost a decade. 

David Byrne fans already know that he was the main force, the singer, songwriter and guitar player behind Talking Heads. He is also a writer and filmmaker, a broadway star, and one of the most respected names in rock and roll. He is not only a grammy winner, he is also a Tony and academy award winner. That’s pretty impressive. I have even heard the word genius to describe David Byrne. So, yeah, it’s pretty exciting that he will be playing in Pine Plains.  

Also on the bill for Sunday’s fundraiser for Ukraine is Korinya Ukrainian Folk Band and Diplomat Eerik-Niiles Kross. To find out more about Sunday’s concert for Ukraine at the Stissing Center in Pine Plains, to read about Sunflower of Peace, and to get ticket information, visit the eventbrite event page

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