What's better than free burritos? How about free burritos for a year? While this sounds like just a dream, it very well could be a Hudson Valley reality.

There's a new restaurant opening up in Dutchess County this weekend and if you plan your day accordingly you will be able to obtain free burritos for a whole year.

Salsa Fresca is a Mexican Grille restaurant chain that will be opening their doors to the Hudson Valley this Saturday June 9th at 11am in Lagrange. They're known for their delicious menu including Mexicali Blue and Buffalo Chicken burritos as well as their nachos and burrito bowls.

They also have a mobile food truck that has already been seen making its rounds in the Hudson Valley.

On opening day at the Salsa Fresca at 1110 Rte 55 (Lagrangeville) every 50th customer will win a years worth of burritos according to their Facebook page.

Let's hope time is on your side. And if you're lucky number 50, don't forget who told you about this. We LOVE burritos.

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