When we think of the holiday season, we mainly focus on the gifts that we will give to the special people in our lives. We forget about the season of giving and how it can be simple and playful.

When was the last time that you gave someone a gag gift? Did they think it was funny or relatable? 

There are multiple reasons as to why we should give at least one gag gift to someone during the holiday season. It could be perfect when going over to someone's house for the holidays, to break the ice at a Christmas party or to make someone laugh who may need it.

By giving a gag gift during the holidays, you can also shop local at Hudson Valley businesses. It can be as simple as grabbing something for a Hudson Valley native, an out of towner or even for yourself. These presents are suitable for everyone and the best part is seeing someone's reaction when opening the gift. 

Check out these Hudson Valley gag gifts.

Tree in a can, Bliss Boutique

Did you ever feel like growing your own Christmas tree? I'm sure that you know someone who would love to watch the process of something growing on its own. This could be a perfect gift for new homeowners, little kids who want their own tree or for someone who like to plant flowers.

Click here to find out how you can grab one.

Eggbert ornament, Devitt's Nursery & Supply,

Hudson Valley natives usually know exactly who Eggbert is. The holiday season wouldn't be complete without a trip to see the talking egg. He's known as the most famous talking egg in all of New York State. If you have never seen Eggbert in person, he sits on his throne and wears a crown. You never know what he is going to say. This gift would be perfect for your friend or family member who has moved out of the area or for someone who would remember going to see Eggbert in person. This could also be a good tradition to pass down into generations.

Be sure to grab an Eggbert ornament here

Angry Eggbert IPA, Newburgh Brewing

It's pretty cool that Hudson Valley natives who grew up going to see Eggbert during the holidays can now drink a beer for him. This IPA is brewed with spruce needles and has tropical notes as well. This gift would be perfect for the beer lover in your life, Eggbert fan or an out of town friend who has never been to the Hudson Valley.

Find out more here.

Regifted holiday candle, Bop to Tottom

Admit it, we have all regifted a present that we have received. Whether it was something we didn't like, wouldn't use or thought it would be suitable for someone else, sometimes it just works out. If there's something that you may not like, someone else could appreciate it more (not used, of course). I would say that candles are the easiest present to re-gift. 

Click here to grab your regifted holiday candle.

Not only would giving a gag gift be hilarious, you would also be supporting local business as well. Will you be giving a gag gift this year? Share with us below.

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