Amazon has really thought of everything.

If you or someone you know is excepting a new baby soon you might want to tell them about this great offer from Amazon.

If you have kids, at one point or another you probably had a baby shower and got a bunch of great gifts from family and friends. You also probably created a baby registry with a store or two, so that your friends and family had a place to go and see what stuff you needed before the baby arrived.

If you go to Amazon and become an Amazon Prime member you will now have the option to receive a Baby Welcome Box for creating a registry through the website.

According to FreeStuffFinder, each of the baby welcome boxes will be different. Some of the things that were included in previous boxes included, baby wipes, baby bottles, nursing pads, lotions, teething toys and more.

If you are intrested in creating a new baby registery, click here and have fun!

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