All in a day's work. Emergency crews and first responders never know what they're going to face on the job on any given day. This was probably not something you'd expect to deal with, but it was indeed the case Friday morning as firefighters had to rescue a man who was trapped. Did I mention that he had been trapped for two days? Oh, and he apparently forgot to put any clothes on that day too. says that witnesses claim the man had been seen around the Landmark Theatre earlier in the week. At some point, he got into the building and into a crawl space where he stayed for a couple of days. The Deputy Chief says the man somehow fell into a space behind the wall of the men's bathroom. An employee heard the man yelling for help from behind the bathroom wall and called 911, according to

Luckily, firefighters were able to extract the man from behind the wall after a careful process. Firefighters said the man was naked when he was recused. There is no word from authorities exactly what happened to his clothes. Police said he was transported to a nearby hospital for evaluation. It is presumed first responders provided him with some sort of covering for his trip to the hospital.

While this story had at least somewhat of a happy ending, you may recall another person in the area being found naked in public earlier this year, who may not have had the best intentions. News 12 says the incident happened in early January near Exit 15 in Rockland County. Police say the man was already naked when he left his car and began striking other vehicles. There is no indication of how or why the incident transpired, but News 12 says that the man was arrested and taken to the hospital for evaluation.

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