Are you working on your budget and realizing that with everything going up in price everywhere including the Hudson Valley you may have to make some adjustments in order to have a enough money for hoilday shopping.

I have some suggestions on how you can save some cash, but be prepared some of them might seem a bit off the wall. So where do we start? First you need to realize that we are closing in on the big day fast. As of today (Sept 28,2021) we are 87 days away and chances are by the time your read this we will be even closer so let's get to the list of how to save some money in time for your holiday shopping.

1 - Steal from Yourself

Easy enough. Each time you take a $20 dollar bill out of the bank put $5 dollars away in a Christmas kitty and force yourself to only spend fifteen.

2 - Check the Hiding Spots

We all do it, we hide money around the house. This is the time to go searching to see if you have forgotten any cash in those hiding places. If you find some you know what to do, put it in the Christmas Kitty.

Piggy bank with Santa hat and money, christmas tree

3 - Check You Pockets

This might be my favorite search for cash. Head into your closet and check all the pockets of the coats you put away last winter. Chances are you forgot about some cash you shoved into a pocket one day and now it is found money for those extra gifts this year.

4 - Last Resort

If tips one through three haven't worked out then my last suggestion is for you to pay off as much as you can on you credit cards this month and next because you gonna need to use that card to finish you holiday shopping.

Hope these ideas have helped you figured out how you will find the extra cash for the holidays this year. Happy Shopping.

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