The Facebook killer was found dead just outside of New York State.

On Tuesday around 11 a.m., a person notified Pennsylvania police that Steve Stephens was spotted in Erie County, PA.

Pennsylvania police began to search the area and soon found Stephen's car, a white Ford Fusion. Authorities tried to pull Stephens over, but he fled. After short chase, two miles, Stephens pulled a pistol and fatally shot himself in the head, police say.

Erie County borders Chautauqua County in western New York State.

On Sunday, Stephens, 37, shot and killed an elderly Cleveland resident. Stephens posted a video to Facebook on Sunday saying he planned to kill someone. About two minutes later, he shared a video of himself shooting and killing 74-year-old Robert Goodwin Sr.

An arrest warrant was issued for Stephens an aggravated murder charges. On Monday, police warned that Stephens may have fled to New York, Pennsylvania, Indiana or Michigan.

No injuries to law enforcement or the public were reported following Stephen's talking his own life.

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