Have you ever seen an eel in a New York river or lake? They are much more common than you might believe.

When you think of eels you generally think of large and gross snake-like fish in the ocean. Remember the nasty ones from The Littler Mermaid? You don't often associate these creatures with fresh water but there are several types that live in bodies of fresh water.

There are eels in New York?

I just found out recently that the Hudson River even has them and I'm so grossed out by these things.

The clear eels pictured above are part of a younger life stage of the Anguilla rostrata or the adult American Eel. When they are fully grown they can reach up to 4 feet in length. According to sources, these eels have sharp teeth, bite and have when provoked. They generally eat small fish or insects and larvae.

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At this infant stage, these eels seem less like fish and more like worms. These things are absolutely disgusting. I can't erase this image from my mind and I don't think you will be able to either. I'm sorry.

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