Do you need to change your gender on your New York State Drivers License? For some people, this is a hugely important thing. The goal is to be able to feel more like themselves and to have a government ID that also verifies who they are.

So, how do you do it? Do you have to walk into the DMV, fill out tons of papers, and then wait for someone to finally rubber stamp it after you tell your personal story? No, that is not at all how you can do it. Keep reading.

So who can change their gender on their New York State Drivers License?


Well, anyone can change it. If you are changing from male or female to X, you can do it online. If you are getting a license for the first time, you will need to (as you do for any driver's license or non-driver ID) to this in person at a Department of Motor Vehicles across the state.

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So, I want to change my gender to X, and get a new photo for my New York State license?


If you want to change your gender marker and get a new photo, you will need to do that in person at your local NYS DMV. If you are changing your name, as well as your gender status, then you will also need to do that in person at a DMV, and fill out the proper forms.  What transactions can you do online at the DMV, without going to an office? Click here. 

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