A new traffic circle may finally fix one of Dutchess County's most frustrating intersections.

State and local governments are working together on a $5 million project to improve and enhance a tangle of roads and traffic lights that has been plaguing Hudson Valley drivers for decades.

The Hudson Valley has seen a huge increase in traffic circles over the past decade. While many were skeptical of the idea in the beginning, even the most ardent proponents of the circles have come to realize how efficient they are. Roundabouts installed throughout the region have resulted in less congestion and a more scenic landscape.

Officials in the Town of Wappinger are hoping they will see similar success with a new traffic circle project that is a long time coming. During last month's town board meeting, the upcoming construction of a traffic circle connecting Route 376, All Angels Road and New Hackensack Road near the Dutchess County Airport was the topic of discussion. Anyone who has traveled through the area knows just how bad traffic can get as cars attempt to work their way through the gauntlet of lights that moves traffic near the Bikeway store.

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The town board discussed specifics of the project, which will include drainage, new decorative lampposts and landscaping. The middle of the large traffic circle will feature a sign designating New Hackensack.

The circle will not only facilitate the flow of traffic through this busy intersection but will also include new sidewalks and a "pocket park" that will feature a bench and landscaping.

Town of Wappinger

It's unclear when the project will begin or how long it will take, but things seem to be moving quickly. Hopefully, we will see lots of progress in 2021, but travelers should be warned that construction will temporarily make this frustrating intersection even more infuriating in the short term. But in the end, the traffic circle will ultimately be a much-needed improvement.

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