The board game is available at Walmart.

Most of us at one time or another have played the board game Monopoly. If you've never played, its the game where the object is to move around the games board, buying up properties like Boardwalk, Park Place, Marvin Gardens and many more, to collect rent in hopes of being able to build houses and hotels on them so you can force whoever your playing with into bankruptcy.

Doesn't sound very nice when you type it out how to play, but believe me its a fun game to play and if you haven't played in a while and want to add some Hudson Valley fun to it, I stumbled on a version of the game you might want to pick up and play.

The FISHKILL-OPOLY board game is now available at the Walmart store off of Route 9 in Fishkill. It'll cost you $20. The game features all kinds of "Fishkill" places and businesses replacing the ones we are all used to seeing on the board.


Some of the businesses that are featured on the Fishkill version of the game include the Red Line Diner, the 84 Diner, Elisa's Takeout's, Splashdown Beach, Dutchess Stadium and Maya Cafe & Cantina.

Some of the popular Fishkill locations also featured on the game include Sarah Taylor Park, Fishkill Golf Course, Blodgett Memorial Library, Fishkill Elementary School, Fishkill Creek, Maurer-Geering park and many more.

There is no "jail" on the Fishkill game, but they've replaced it with a "traffic jam" spot on the board, so that's where you go instead of jail....LOL! The "Free Parking" spot on the traditional Monopoly game is replaced with an I heart Fishkill spot.

If you are looking for a new Hudson Valley spin on a great game, you have to check this out. Supplies are limited, but as of today FISHKILL-OPOLY was still available at the Fishkill Walmart.

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