If you’re like me, you’ve been watching the Food Network’s Spring Baking Championship and rooting for Dutchess County native Derek Corsino. It’s on every Monday night at 9, but I record it and watch it the next day. Well, I just finished watching, and I was on the edge of my seat.

We’re several weeks into the challenge at this point, and every week Derek has either been on top or at least in the top three. And at the end of each show, somebody gets eliminated from the challenge. I have never once worried that it would be Derek. Even when he didn’t bake the very best of the bunch, he never baked the worst. He never even came close. Until this week.

Derek actually made a quite beautiful tiered cake, and the judges complimented him on the way it looked and also how good the chocolate cake was. But they felt his berry filling was a little watery and lacked flavor. No big deal, I thought. He’ll get through on the looks and flavor of the cake.

Then we get to the end of the show. They announce the top two bakers first. Derek didn’t make it to the top two. And then they announce the next two bakers that will stay. Still no Derek. Now I’m getting nervous. There are only two people left, and Derek is one of them. I literally gasped. One of those two is going home. Oh no, not Derek! 

And then came the surprise ending. They decided not to send anybody home this week. Whew. The judges decided that every contestant is so talented, that they will get a second chance. Okay, Derek, you’ve still got time to win this thing, and we’re all pulling for you. But win or not, we’re proud you’ve made it this far. Good luck, and we’ll be watching.

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