It was a close call for authorities one early morning, as officials say an intoxicated Hudson Valley man was driving at a high rate of speed on a busy state route. Deputies say they were already interviewing another subject, who had been pulled over when the allegedly intoxicated driver nearly crashed into them.

Hudson Valley Man Allegedly Almost Hit Deputies 

The Ulster County Sheriff's Office said on their Facebook page that they had pulled over another vehicle on State Route 32 in Tillson around 3:45 AM on November 12.

Officials say they were talking to the other subject when the other vehicle passed them at a high rate of speed as it traveled northbound. Deputies said their emergency lights were on, though the other vehicle still almost hit them.


The Sheriff's Office says they stopped the other vehicle on Route 32 near the Rosendale Recreation Center and determined the 29-year-old driver was intoxicated. Deputies say the Kingston man was arrested and charged with the misdemeanors of Driving While Intoxicated, Reckless Driving and Reckless Endangerment in the Second Degree.

Woman Busted For Driving 3X Legal Limit 

Back in July 2022, police say a New York state woman was way over the legal limit when she was pulled over that evening on one of the most traveled routes in the area. Considering how many people take this road on any given day, she's lucky she didn't hurt or kill someone or herself.

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Drunk Driving Near New Paltz, NY

WNYT is reporting that the 37-year-old woman was pulled over for traffic violations Tuesday evening on the Thruway, outside New Paltz. Officials felt that the woman from Malta was intoxicated, and their tests proved it when her blood alcohol level was measured at .28%, according to WNYT. That is three and a half times the state's legal limit of .08%.


Police turned her over to a third party who eventually drove her home.

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